Advocate Trilokraj Evidance against Ramani iyer and Vishnu Sathyanaryana iyer

 Advocate Trilokraj has given evidence against Mr.B Ramani iyer and Vishnu sathyanarayana iyer about their illegal activities, how to cheat innocent people and abscond. He is having all proofs of their all illegal activities. He is providing proof to Mr. Nagabhushanam, Mr.Sai madhukar Mr.Karthik and all those who got decieved by iyers, he even agreed to file legal cases against them in high court and supreme court of india. He also advised Cyber crime police and Rajender nagar police Station CI to issue encounter orders instead of tracing them and arresting, as they will come out on bail and escape again

Chennai Financial racket - cheated Karthik and his friends and are absconding

 Fraud stock marker iyers cheated innocent Unemployed youth of chennai by offering them fake stock market investment schemes. They took 10 lakhs of rupees from Mr.Karthik from chennai and forced him to refer his friends to his fraud schemes, unaware of the fraud schemes they invested lakhs of rupees expecting money back guarantee in hundred days. Fake cheques were issued to them to gain faith and at last ran away with all the money. Mr. Karthik and his friends are searching for him, tried to call his number but all in vain, they have registered police complaint and investigations are going on in chennai. We are enclosing few proofs from thousands of payments made to Mr. Vishnu sathyanaryana iyer. Like this they made crores of rupees through fake stock market schemes.

Accepting his guilt to get back the web services

 Again this fraudsters started dramatising and requested to activate their web services which they were misusing from past 4 years. As they lost all their income after all sites went down and now they are begging to get the sites activated and cheat innocent people again with the help of websites Below is the email screenshot as proof

Cheated HDFC Bank and other financial institutions by taking millions of rupees on loan

 Day by day new frauds of this dangerous stock market and cyber criminals are getting exposes, they took loan from hdfc bank credit cards by providing fake details and not repaid the loan, this way vishnu sathya narayana iyer and ramani iyer have duped even financial institutions and are absconding. They never stay at one place never maintain permanent mobile numbers, changes residence after duping the rent of house owners and moves to some other secret place, this is the reality of the stock market bjp joined iyers

Swarna kosha Adisory services cheated people in AP

 Started swarna kosha advisory in 2011 6-7-603/B/G,Vivek Crescent Sripuram colony Tirupati Cuddapah AP IN 517507 Cheated millions of people and wound up the company and from there came to hyderabad. Took 3 flats on rent in Priya apartments Gandhi nagar. Took lakhs of rupees from different people in the name of fake scheme and vacated the apartments......

Project Alpha Reality

 Iyers created a story that they bagged a Multi million dollar project from USA . Ther businessman from whom the project was  Mr.Daniel klever a Fictitious charecter which does not exist. They created a website name and created fake emails in the name of and many more fictitious charecters.